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Raymond Leppard Handel Messiah / Samson / Arias (6 CD) Серия: Handel Edition инфо 6204e.

Raymond Leppard Handel Messiah / Samson / Arias (6 CD) Серия: Handel Edition инфо 6204e.

Автор музыки: Георг Гендель Все исполнители Содержание: Messiah A Sacred Oratorio, HWV 56 Words Compiled From Holy Scripture By Charles Jennens Felicity Palmer, Soprano Helen Watts, Alto Ryland Daаофзхvies, Tenor John Shirley-Quirk, Bass English Chamber Orchestra Choir Terry Edwards, Manager Philip Jones, Trumpet Continuo: Olga Hegedus, Cello Rodney Slatford, Double Bass Raymond Leppard, Harpsichord (Robert & Andrea Goble, Oxford) Leslie Pearson, Organ Englisбасузh Chamber Orchestra Carl Pini, First Violin Raymond Leppard CD1: Part One 01 No 1 Sinfony (Overture) 02 No 2 Recitative: Comfort Ye My People (Tenor) 03 No 3 Air: Ev'ry Valley Shall Be Exalted (Tenor) 04 No 4 Chorus: And The Glory Of The Lord Shall Be Revealed 05 No 5 Recitative: Thus Saith The Lord (Bass) 06 No 6 Air: But Who May Abide The Day Of His Coming? (Alto) 07 No 7 Chorus: And He Shall Purify The Sons Of Levi 08 No 8 Recitative: Behold, A Virgin Shall Conceiбнгююve, And Bear A Son (Alto) 09 No 9 Air: О Thou That Tellest Good Tidings To Zion (Alto) 10 No 9 Chorus: О Thou That Tellest Good Tidings To Zion 11 No 10 Recitative: For Behold, Darkness Shall Cover The Earth (Bass) 12 No 11 Air: The People That Walked In Darkness Have Seen A Great Light (Bass) 13 No 12 Chorus: For Unto Us A Child Is Born 14 No13 Pifa (Pastoral Symphony) 15 No 14a Recitative: There Were Shepherds Abiding In The Field (Soprano) No 14b Recitative: And Lo, The Angel Of The Lord Came Upon Them (Soprano) No 15 Recitative: And The Angel Said Unto Them: Fear Not (Soprano) No 16 Recitative: And Suddenly There Was With The Angel A Multitude Of The Heav'nly Host (Soprano) 16 No 17 Chorus: Glory To God In The Highest 17 No 18 Air: Rejoice Greatly, О Daughter Of Zion (Soprano) 18 No 19 Recitative: Then Shall The Eyes Of The Blind Be Opened (Alto) 19 No 20 Air: He Shall Feed His Flock Like A Shepherd (Soprano, Alto) 20 No 21 Chorus: His Yoke Is бсхъэEasy Part Two 21 No 22 Chorus: Behold The Lamb Of God, That Taketh Away The Sin Of The World 22 No 23 Air: He Was Despised And Rejected Of Men (Alto) 23 No 24 Chorus: Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs And Carried Our (Sorrows) CD 2: 01 No 25 Chorus: And With His Stripes We Are Healed 02 No 26 Chorus: All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray 03 No 27 Recitative: All They That See Him Laugh Him To Scorn (Tenor) 04 No 28 Chorus: He Trusted In God That He Would Deliver Him 05 No 29 Recitative: Thy Rebuke Hath Broken His Heart (Tenor) 06 No 30 Air: Behold, And See If There Be Any Sorrow Like Unto His Sorrow (Tenor) 07 No 31 Recitative: He Was Cut Off Out Of The Land Of The Living (Tenor) 08 No 32 Air: But Thou Didst Not Leave His Soul In Hell (Tenor) 09 No 33 Chorus: Lift Up Your Heads, О Ye Gates 10 No 34 Recitative: Unto Which Of The Angels Said He At Any Time (Tenor) 11 No 35 Chorus: Let All The Angels Of God Worship Him 12 No 36 Air: Thou Art Gone Up бтпмкOn High, Thou Hast Led Captivity Captive (Bass) 13 No 37 Chorus: The Lord Gave The Word: Great Was The Company Of The Preachers 14 No 38 Air: How Beautiful Are The Feet Of Them That Preach The Gospel Of Peace (Soprano) 15 No 39 Air: Their Sound Is Gone Out Into All Lands (Tenor) 16 No 40 Air: Why Do The Nations So Furiously Rage Together (Bass) 17 No 41 Chorus: Let Us Break Their Bonds Asunder 18 No 42 Recitative: He That Dwelleth In Heaven Shall Laugh Them To Scorn (Tenor) 19 No 43 Air: Thou Shalt Break Them With A Rod Of Iron (Tenor) 20 No 44 Chorus: Hallelujah Part Three 21 No 45 Air: 1 Know That My Redeemer Liveth (Soprano) 22 No 46 Chorus: Since By Man Came Death 23 No 47 Recitative: Behold, I Tell You A Mystery (Bass) 24 No 48 Air: The Trumpet Shall Sound (Bass) 25 No 49 Recitative: Then Shall Be Brought To Pass The Saying That Is Written (Alto) 26 No 50 Duet: О Death, Where Is Thy Sting? (Alto, Tenor) 27 No 51 Chorus: But Thanks Be To Goбтшимd, Who Giveth Us The Victory 28 No 52 Air: If God Be For Us, Who Can Be Against Us? (Soprano) 29 No 53 Chorus: Worthy Is The Lamb That Was Slain 30 (No 53) Chorus: Amen Samson Oratorio In Three Acts, HWV 57 Libretto: Newburgh Hamilton, After Milton's (Samson Agonistes) Dalila - Janet Baker, Soprano Micah - Helen Watts, Alto Samson - Robert Tear, Tenor Manoah - John Shirley-Quirk, Bass Harapha - Benjamin Luxon, Bass Philistine Woman - Norma Burrowes, Soprano Messenger - Felicity Lott, Soprano Philistine - Philip Langridge, Tenor Israelitish Man - Alexander Oliver, Tenor Israelitish Woman - Felicity Lott, Soprano London Voices Terry Edwards, Director Gerald Ruddock, Trumpet Continuo: Olga Hegedus, Cello Rodney Slatford, Double Bass Raymond Leppard, Harpsichord (Dulcken Copy) Leslie Pearson, Organ English Chamber Orchestra Raymond Leppard CD 3: Act One 01 Sinfonia Scene 1 02 Recitative: This Day, A Solemn Feast To Dagon Held (Samson) 03 Chorus Of Philistines: Awaбтьпюke The Trumpet's Lofty Sound! 04 Air: Ye Men Of Gaza, Hither Bring The Merry Pipe And Pleasing String (Dalila) 05 Chorus Of Philistines: Awake The Trumpet's Lofty Sound! 06 Air: Loud As The Thunder's Awful Voice (Philistine) 07 Air: Then Free From Sorrow, Free From Thrall (Philistine Woman) 08 Chorus Of Philistines: Awake The Trumpet's Lofty Sound! 09 Recitative: Why By An Angel Was My Birth Foretold (Samson) 10 Air: Torments, Alas! Are Not Confin'd To Heart, Or Head, Or Breast! (Samson) Scene 2 11 Recitative: Oh Change Beyond Report, Thought Or Belief! (Micah) 12 Air: Oh Mirror Of Our Fickle State! (Micah) 13 Recitative: Whom Have I To Complain Of But Myself (Samson) Recitative: Matchless In Might! Once Israel's Glory, Now Her Grief! (Micah) Recitative: Welcome, My Friends! (Samson) Recitative: Which Shall We First Bewail, Thy Bondage, Or Lost Sight? (Micah) Recitative: Oh Loss Of Sight! Of Thee I Most Complain! (Samson) 14 Air: Total Eclipse! No Sun, No Moon, Alбтюттl Dark Amidst The Blaze Of Noon! (Samson) 15 Air: Since Light So Necessary Is To Life (Micah) 16 Chorus Of Israelites: Oh First Created Beam! 17 Recitative: Ye See, My Friends, How Woes Enclose Me Round (Samson) Recitative: The Wisest Men Have Err'd, And Been Deceiv'd By Female Arts (Micah) Recitative: Oh That I Had! Alas, Fond Wish, Too Late! (Samson) Recitative: Here Comes Thy Rev'rend Sire, Old Manoah (Micah, Samson) Scene 3 18 Recitative: Brethren And Men Of Dan, Say, Where Is My Son (Manoah, Micah) Recitative: Oh Miserable Change! (Manoah) Recitative: Oh Ever Failing Trust In Mortal Strength! (Israelitish Man) 19 Air: God Of Our Fathers, What Is Man? (Israelitish Man) 20 Recitative: The Good We Wish For, Often Proves Our Bane (Manoah) 21 Air: Thy Glorious Deeds Inspir'd My Tongue (Manoah) 22 Recitative: Justly These Evils Have Befall'n Thy Son (Samson) Recitative: Worse Yet Remains (Manoah) Recitative: This Have I Done (Samson) 23 Air: My Griefs For This Forbidбтяцу Mine Eyes To Close (Samson) 24 Air: Why Does The God Of Israel Sleep? (Samson) 25 Recitative: There Lies Our Hope! (Micah) 26 Chorus Of Israelites: Then Shall They Know CD 4: 01 Recitative: For Thee, My Dearest Son (Manoah) Recitative: It Should Be So — To Expiate My Crime (Samson) Recitative: Be For Thy Fate Contrite (Manoah) Recitative: Why Should I Live? (Samson) 02 Air: Then Long Eternity Shall Greet Your Bliss (Micah) 03 Air: Joys That Are Pure (Micah) 04 Chorus Of Israelites: Then Round About The Starry Throne Act Two Scene 1 05 Recitative: Despair Not Thus! (Manoah) Recitative: Where'er The Liquid Brook Or Fountain Flow'd (Samson) Recitative: Trust Yet In God! (Manoah) 06 Air: Just Are The Ways Of God To Man (Manoah) 07 Recitative: My Evils Hopeless Are! (Samson) Recitative: Relieve Thy Champion (Micah) 08 Air: Return, Oh God Of Hosts! (Micah) 09 Chorus Of Israelites: To Dust His Glory They Would Tread Scene 2 10 Recitative: But Who Is This? (Micah) Aбуаслir: My Wife? My Traitress! (Samson) Air: She Stands, And Eyes Thee Fix'd (Micah) Air: With Doubtful Feet, And Wav'ring Resolution, I Come (Dalila) Air: Out! Thou Hyaena! (Samson) Air: I Would Not Lessen My Offence (Dalila) Recitative: How Cunningly The Sorceress Displays Her Own Transgressions (Samson) 11 Air: With Plaintive Notes And Am'rous Moan (Dalila, Samson) 12 Air: Did Love Constrain Thee? (Samson) 13 Air: Your Charms To Ruin Led The Way (Samson) 14 Recitative: Forgive What's Done (Dalila) 15 Duet: My / Her Faith And Truth, Oh Samson, Prove (Dalila, Virgin) 16 Chorus Of Virgins: Her Faith And Truth, Oh Samson, Prove 17 Air: To Fleeting Pleasures Make Your Court (Dalila) 18 Chorus Of Virgins: Her Faith And Truth, Oh Samson, Prove 19 Air: How Charming Is Domestic Ease! (Dalila) 20 Chorus Of Virgins: Her Faith And Truth, Oh Samson, Prove 21 Recitative: Ne'er Think Of That! I Know Thy Warbling Charms (Samson) Recitative: Let Me Approach, At Least (Dalila) Recitбубвбative: Not For Thy Life (Samson) Recitative: Thou Art More Deaf To Pray'rs Than Winds Or Seas (Dalila) 22 Duet: Traitor To Love! I'll Sue No More (Dalila) Traitress To Love! I'll Hear No More (Samson) Scene 3 Recitative: She's Gone! A Serpent Manifest (Micah, Samson) 23 Air: It Is Not Virtue, Valour, Wit (Israelitish Man) 24 Recitative: Favour'd Of Heaven Is He, Who Finds One True (Samson) 25 Chorus Of Israelites: To Man God's Universal Law Gave Pow'r To Keep The Wife In Awe Scene 4 26 Recitative: No Words Of Peace, No Voice Enchanting Fear (Micah) Recitative: I Come Not, Samson, To Condole Thy Chance (Harapha) Recitative: The Way To Know, Were Not To See, But Taste (Samson) Recitative: Ha! Dost Thou Then Already Single Me? (Harapha) Recitative: Boast Not Of What Thou Would'st Have Done, But Do (Samson) Recitative: The Honour Certain To Have Won From Thee I Lose (Harapha) 27 Air: Honour And Arms Scorn Such A Foe (Harapha) CD 5: 01 Air: Put On Your Arms (Samson) Air:бубмх My Strength Is From The Living God (Samson) 02 Recitative: With Thee! (Harapha) Recitative: Cam'st Thou For This, Vain Boaster? (Samson, Harapha) 03 Duet: Go, Baffled Coward, Go (Samson) Presume Not On Thy God (Harapha) 04 Recitative: Here Lies The Proof (Micah) 05 Chorus Of Israelites: Hear, Jacob's God, Jehovah, Hear! 06 Recitative: Dagon, Arise! Attend Thy Sacred Feast! (Harapha) 07 Air: To Song And Dance We Give The Day (Philistine) 08 Chorus Of Philistines: To Song And Dance We Give The Day 09 Double Chorus Of Israelites And Philistines: Fix'd In His Everlasting Seat Act Three Scene 1 10 Recitative: More Trouble Is Behind (Micah) Recitative: I Fear Him Not (Samson) Recitative: Samson, To Thee Our Lords Thus Bid Me Say (Harapha) Recitative: I Am An Hebrew (Samson) Recitative: This Answer Will Offend; Regard Thyself (Harapha) Recitative: Myself! My Conscience And Internal Peace (Samson) Recitative: My Message, Given With Speed, Brooks No Delay (Harapha) 11 Airбубхл: Presuming Slave, To Move Their Wrath! (Harapha) 12 Recitative: Reflect Then, Samson, Matters Now Are Strain'd (Micah) Recitative: Shall I Abuse This Consecrated Gift Of Strength (Samson) 13 Chorus Of Israelites: With Thunder Arm'd, Great God, Arise! 14 Recitative: Be Of Good Courage (Samson, Micah, Harapha) 15 Air: Thus When The Sun From's Wat'ry Bed (Samson) 16 Recitative: With Might Endued, Above The Sons Of Men (Micah) 17 Air: The Holy One Of Israel Be Thy Guide (Micah) Chorus Of Israelites: To Fame Immortal Go Scene 2 18 Recitative: Old Manoah, With Youthful Steps, Makes Haste To Find His Son (Micah) Recitative: I Come, My Brethren, Not To Seek My Son (Manoah) 19 Air: Great Dagon Has Subdued Our Foe (A Philistine) Chorus Of Philistines: Great Dagon Has Subdued Our Foe 20 Recitative: What Noise Of Joy Was That? (Manoah, Micah) 21 Air: How Willing My Paternal Love The Weight To Share Of Filial Care (Manoah) 22 Recitative: Your Hopes Of His Deliv'ry Seem Not Vaбубыьin (Micah) Recitative: I Know Your Friendly Minds, And — Heav'n! What Noise! (Manoah) Chorus Of Philistines: Hear Us, Our God! 23 Recitative: Noise Call You This? An Universal Groan (Micah) Recitative: Ruin Indeed! (Manoah) Recitative: Thy Son Is Rather Slaying Them (Micah) Scene 3 Recitative: Where Shall I Run (Messenger) Recitative: The Accident Was Loud (Micah) Recitative: Let Me Recover Breath (Messenger, Manoah) Recitative: Suspense In News Is Torture: Speak Them Out! (Manoah, Messenger, Micah) Recitative: Unwounded Of His Enemies He Fell (Messenger, Manoah) 24 Air: Ye Sons Of Israel, Now Lament (Micah) Chorus Of Israelites: Weep, Israel, Weep 25 Recitative: Proceed We Hence To Find His Body (Manoah) 26 Dead March 27 Recitative: The Body Comes (Micah, Manoah) 28 Chorus Of Israelites: Glorious Hero, May Thy Grave Peace And Honour Ever Have 29 Recitative: Come, Come! No Time For Lamentation (Manoah) 30 Air: Let The Bright Seraphim (Israelitish Woman) 31 Chorus Ofбувбж Israelites: Let Their Celestial Concerts All Unite Arias CD 6: Rinaldo 01 Aria (III, 9): Or La Tromba In Suon Festante (Rinaldo) Guy Tou'vron, Serge Boisson, Guy Messier, Jean-Francois Raymond, Trumpets 02 Aria (I, 7): Cara Sposa (Rinaldo) 03 Aria (I, 9): Venti, Turbini (Rinaldo) 04 Aria (I, 8): Cor Ingrato (Rinaldo) Continuo: Daniele Roi, Harpsichord (Dowd, Paris) Gianni Champan, Cello Serse 05 Recitativo Accompagnato Ed Arioso (I, 1): Frondi Tenere E Belle Ombra Mai Fu (Serse) Partenope 06 Aria (II, 9): Furibondo Spira Il Vento (Arsace) Agrippina 07 Aria (III, 10): Bel Piacere E Godere Fido Amor! (Poppea) Rinaldo 08 Aria (II, 4): Lascia Ch'io Pianga Mia Cruda Sorte (Almirena) Orlando 09 Aria (1, 9): Fammi Combattere (Orlando) Marilyn Home, Mezzo-Soprano I Solisti Veneti, Claudio Scimone Serse 10 Arioso (I, 1): Ombra Mai Fu (Serse) Ariodante 11 Aria (III, 9): Dopo Notte (Ariodante) Rinaldo 12 Aria (1, 7): Cara Sposa (Rinaldo) Giulio Cesare 13бувдщ Duet (III, 10): Caro! — Bella! (Cleopatra, Cesare) Hei-Kyung Hong (Cleopatra) (Soprano) Christian Bembreck, Harpsichord Michael Weigelt, Bassoon Gottfried Greiner, Cello Ingo Nawra, Double Bass Hercules 14 Accompagnato (III): Where Shall I Fly (Dejanira) Semele 15 Air (II, 1): Hence, Iris, Hence Away (Juno) Jennifer Larmore, Mеzzо-Soprano Orchestre De Chambre De Lausanne Muenchner Rundfunkorchester Jesus Lopez-Cobos Издание содержит 56-страничный буклет с дополнительной информацией на английском, немецком и французском языках Диски упакованы в картонные конверты и вложены в картонную коробку Исполнители (показать всех исполнителей) Фелисити Палмер Felicity Palmer Джанет Бейкер Janet Baker Раймонд Леппард Raymond Leppard.

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